The collaboration between the probabilistic community of Poland and Mexico dates back more than 40 years. The collaboration has been carried out through reciprocal visits, joint research projects and participation in conferences and workshops. The collaboration has been so fruitful that a book on general theory of stochastic processes and stochastic integration has been written by Prof. Tomasz Bojdecki in Spanish, as a result of his multiple visits and courses taught at UNAM, CINVESTAV and CIMAT.

In recent years, the community of probabilists considerably increased in both  countries. Likewise, the scope of their research  increased, being now in a greater diversity than ever, in  the areas such as Lévy processes,   Markov processes and partial differential equations, Random Matrices and Free probability, to name a few. The purpose of this first workshop is to promote further growth of collaboration between Polish and Mexican probabilists, especially among young researchers and doctoral students.

The program will include a series of talks on diverse areas of probability and a special session with presentations by doctoral students from both countries.

Local Organizing Committee
Juan Carlos Pardo, CIMAT, México
Víctor Pérez Abreu, CIMAT, México
José Luis Pérez Garmendia,  CIMAT, México